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In the middle of a hot summer, c. 1,500 researchers gathered in Aachen to discuss the latest trends in catalysis at EuropaCat in Aachen. As always, the catalysis community let us be part of the event via Twitter (#EuropaCat2019) – we have collected some of the highlights of the conference.

The claim of EuropaCat 2019 „Catalysis without Borders“ drew some attention in advance:



…things to see in the exhibition…


… and fun!

Leaving with a teardrop in the eye after a great event:

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ICCDU 2019 was definitely „the place to be“ for anyone working on carbon dioxide utilization and the event everybody has been talking about. See for yourself what happened in Aachen:

Carbon dioxide utilization requires the cooperation of many disciplines – the CO2 emitting industries as well as chemists, biotechnologists, engineers and experts for sustainability and life cycle analysis. This is reflected in the variety of scientific topics at ICCU 2019:


But carbon dioxide utilization is not only a matter of science and technology. Policy frameworks and social acceptance are prerequisites for its implementation, and they were discussed in Aachen, too:

If you think science is hard to visualize, see some of the presentations given at ICCDU:

A scientific conference is about research and hard facts, but also about people – here are some of the participants and their impressions:

Scientists reflect what they are doing – CO2 is something everbody is confronted with in their daily life:

And when we say, „everybody is talking about“ carbon dioxide utiliziation, we mean everybody!


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The 51st Katalytikertagung (German Catalysis Meeting) took place in Weimar from 14-16 March 2018. Whether you missed it or want to revive your memory, we have created a little review from the tweets:


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Whether you missed the event or want to reminisce about the great days at Lake Konstanz, here are some impressions we found on Twitter – click on the link below to see the Storify:

ISCHM 2017 on Storify

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